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DBX 900 series rack with 3 modules (This is a repair or sold as parts!)


This 900 series rack and 3 modules to the far right (2 EQ modules and mixer) is being sold as is for parts and needs repair. Similar to a 500 series rack except older stuff. I own one that I am keeping and bought this one just for some modules. It is being sold as the rack and the 3 modules to the right (2 905 EQ modules and one 933 mixer module). The first several De-Esser modules are not included in the price below. The 902 De-Esser modules all work perfect and were just put in this rack for safe storage. They are being sold separately per each.


Price for DBX 900 rack with two 905 EQ's and one 933 mixer (sold as a repair or as parts only!) $200

Price for 902 De-Esser modules $100 each or $75 each if you take them all.

I would be open to a trade for De-Esser modules for other known working compressors or EQ modules.


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