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I know there are items listed from $5 or less in some cases but please understand I'm not going to setup to meet anyone for less that a $25 transaction. The only reason I have these other items listed is for people to group items that they are interested in.


When you click on "Call for Price" a window will open up to allow you to send your request about the current item that you are on when you click "Call for Price". Please include your name, phone number, other item(s) that you are interested and best time to return your call. I check emails about once or twice a day and will get back to you as soon as possible.


There are basically 3 ways to get the item from this site to your hands:


Meet in person:

I can meet you in Andover, Ma most days of the week according to my schedule and of course yours too! Meeting close to RT93 is best

I can meet you in Medford, Ma and possibly some surrounding towns if I have work scheduled in the area (Typically from 10:30am-2pm once or twice a week I am in this area). Close to Tufts University is best.



I can ship small items to you if you pre-pay via PayPal. This method may take a few days to pack and ship depending on what I have going on that week but I promise communications will be excellent! It may be possible that I can ship the same day but my schedule and regular gig is really nuts.



All items are sold strictly on a first come first served basis. Of course if we have plans to meet that day I will hold the item for a few hours. I prefer to meet in person so you can see the actual item and try it for yourself to confirm that it is everything that I say it is. Part of my goal here is to develop trust and a business relationships for future transactions as I constantly buy and sell all kinds of equipment regularly.


Thanks for visiting the site!

Welcome to my online list of items for sale. Most items listed on this site are personal inventory that I am simply trying to liquidate and priced to sell. Some items from time to time may be owned by other parties and if so that will be stated. 99% of the inventory that you will find here should be tested and working and if not or if there are known issues that will be stated in the description so please read all descriptions carefully! Ace Sales is an old domain name that I kept since about the mid 90's when I had an electronics surplus business in Woburn, Ma and I thought it was most appropriate for this site.

One of the main reasons that I decided to start this site is because I got tired of having to always renew ads on craigslist and eBay every few days when listings expire and so there you go. If something gets sold it will get removed from this site promptly I promise! The site is an online store format. I use Virtue Mart running on top of Joomla CMS and Linux for all you computer geeks, however I'm not doing a typical shopping cart & check out with Paypal, at least not at this time I'm not. I would rather meet you in person, if at all possible somewhere where there is power if needed to demo a particular item and show you the item(s) work(s), is what I say it is and complete a transaction like that. No BS, no surprises. I will ship direct if you pre-pay with Paypal for certain items (small items that can be easily boxed and not heavy). Another reason I don't have a "store" and buy it now activated is because much of the inventory listed is located in storage facilities anywhere from Southern New Hampshire to just north of Boston, Ma. That and the fact that things always get moved around and I just want to be sure that the item(s) you are interested in are in hand before we meet or before I tell you I can ship it.

Please Note: This is not my regular gig by a long shot. Prices are fair and for most I have used the lowest price I found for actual sold items on eBay and went even lower than that just to move them along quickly. All prices are firm unless you are purchasing quantities.


Disclaimer: There are no warranties expressed or implied for any item being sold here. All sales are final unless otherwise specifically stated.