Tascam 144 Portastudio


I just replaced the 2 main belts on this unit but she is still a bit noisy (not the audio lines just mechanical noise). Needs to be cleaned or lube most likely and I really don't know how to work on these decks other than to swap out a belt to be honest. Also, there is one meter (first meter) that is a bit caved in on one side and the sticker is missing on the top right corner. Other than that it works good enough to get some stuff done and all functions as per normal from what I can tell other than a slight mechanical noise that I mentioned that comes on during rewind mostly. I have owned this for about 15 years or so and it has just been sitting other than my recent new belt replacement (Dec 30, 2016). It may just need to be run! These things are selling way over $150 each on eBay + shipping. I just put the new belts in to recover some old tapes and have no further use for this machine.

Price: $75


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