DDA CS3-40 Mixing console


This unit is being sold as is and needs repair. I will tell you the history as follows. the center portion sends that are shown out in the photo of the full unit had issues and one module burnt out literally. The 2 power supplies I think also had issues. I bought this needing repair and quite frankly it got cooked while trying to repair. We did have all channels working perfect and main outs. The aux outs in the center never quite worked right and in the process of trying to repair things went south. The actual channel modules should work perfect. I will sell this with all modules and power supplies and you can try to fix or part it out.


Price for everything (console, both power supplies, power supply redundant module and all channel strips for 40 channels & mains) $500


Price per bank of 4 channel strips: $250

(I am confident that all these work perfect!)


Power supplies (I assume these definitely need work) $100 each


I have a power distribution box. It is so you can use 2 power supplies in case one goes down: $100

(Unknown condition)


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